Giordano Eshop Membership

Registration for our Giordano Eshop membership is free. Giordano Eshop members enjoy a 5% off discount off all regular-priced items purchased online.
Only Giordano Eshop members can collect points through registering their sales invoices. All purchases (both in-store and online) can earn you points and, for online purchases only, you can redeem your points as cash baht.

WWS Membership

When customers accumulate spending of THB 2,500 or more, they can upgrade to our WWS membership. WWS members enjoy a 12% discount off all regular-priced items purchased online and a 10% discount off all regular-priced items purchased in Giordano stores. All purchases (both in-store and online) can earn you points, and WWS members can redeem their points into cash baht.
To celebrate your Birthday, we also offer WWS members a one-off exclusive 25% discount on all regular-priced items purchased in a single online transaction, which you can enjoy within your month of Birth. Where promotional items are purchased as part of your Birthday offer, the lowest discount will be counted.
Giordano reserves its right to amend all membership privileges and applicable terms and conditions from time to time without prior notice.

Points and Coupons

Earn Points

Non-WWS Members: Non-WWS members who earn 2,500 points or more through registering their invoice(s) can apply for WWS membership and enjoy additional privileges.

WWS Members: WWS members earn points automatically upon completion of purchases at both the Eshop and our retail stores by quoting WWS membership / registered mobile phone numbers.

Redeem Points

Each time you make a purchase through our Eshop you can redeem your points, the baht equivalent of which cannot exceed 5% of the total transaction amount of the purchase. By way of example, for a purchase of THB100, you can redeem 100 points (i.eTHB5).
You cannot earn points on a transaction where you have redeemed your points.


Points earnt remain valid for 2 years (calculated from the date on which your membership is activated). The date on which your points expire will be shown on sales invoices and can be viewed by logging into A reminder will also be sent to you via SMS 1 month prior to the expiry of your points. Your points will be reset to 0 following the expiry date.


E-Coupons can be purchased online under members’ Eshop and WWS accounts and can be redeemed upon check-out and payment of their orders. For the avoidance of doubt, you can redeem either your E-Coupons or points earnt (but not both) upon check-out and payment for goods purchased online.

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